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Heart in my throat: USC and One Needy Merc Tracer - Ladeephoenix
Pushing the limits of sleep deprivation
Heart in my throat: USC and One Needy Merc Tracer
Got an email from USC's wonderful department director saying she's mailed off my decision letter. [Gulp] Mail from Cali seems to take roughly 3 days to get here, so I'm thinking I should know by Monday or so. She did say that supporting documentation was still being finalized and should follow shortly. So that begs the question....does anyone know if they send supporting docs if you've been rejected??


Had a bit of an automotive scare these last 24 hours. Was driving home from work last night when my Service Engine Soon light came on. Oh, bloody hell. Now what? Visions of having to open my wallet to the tune of $500 or more flashed through my mind.

That's when I wished auto manufacturers would install warning lights that tell you what you really need to know: Warning: You're fucked. Car requires $750 of repair. Or: Warning: Relax, you're not *that* fucked. Repairs estimated at $250.

Unable to sleep this morning, despite having gone to bed at the butt-crack of dawn (yes, I'm writing again after a week's hiatus), I called the garage to see if I could get in. Today was the only day available. Bloody hell again. I have to be at work by 3:30, and have a 3pm chiropractic appointment. But, the garage isn't open tomorrow, and I don't want to be driving around the whole weekend with the Service Engine light on. The receptionist said they could fit me in after the lunch hour, so I drove my needy little beast down to the garage.

The mechanic was able to crack her open and render a judgment in about 15 minutes. One of the cylinders was firing out of order. When the mechanic went to remove the spark plug wire, part of the original (as in 1997) spark plug came out with it. One tune-up coming right up! So, my little beast needs about $200 worth of tune-up and oil change, but that's much better than what I'd been fearing. Luckily, it's right after payday. And it'll only take a couple of hours to do.

One of the mechanics was going to give me a lift home while my car was being worked on, but then he stopped and asked, "Do you have a way back?"

"Um, no, not really, unless I walk."

"Well, here. Go ahead and take the car. It's our loaner car."

"Oh, awesome! Thank you so much."

So, while I'd prefer not to shell out for automotive service, at least things seem to be falling into place rather easily. :knocks on wood:
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