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Pushing the limits of sleep deprivation

25 November
80's kitsch, 80's music, 80's trivia, action-adventure, airplanes, al franken, alan rickman, american beauty, animals, art, art history, arthurian legend, astronomy, aviation, bill the cat, bloom county, blues, britain, british comedy, calvin and hobbes, carl sagan, cats, celtic art, celtic music, celtic mythology, celts, charlie kaufman, chasing amy, civil war history, coffee, comedy, comedy central, computers, cosmos, coyotes, creativity, day trips, deserts, dogma, dorothy parker, double entendres, dream analysis, dreams, dvds, eastern philosophy, eddie izzard, england, erotica, ewan mcgregor, family, film festivals, film history, filmmaking, friendship, gadgets, grunge music, hal sparks, harrison ford, high fidelity, history, hitchcock, horoscopes, hugh grant, hugh jackman, humor, imagination, independent film, ireland, itunes, jay/silent bob, jazz, john singer-sargent, joseph campbell, kevin smith, kevin spacey, language, lewis black, liberalism, linguistics, liz phair, looney tunes, lord of the rings, macintosh, mae west, margaret cho, massage, mike myers, monty python, motown, movies, muppet show, muppets, music, mystery science theater, mythology, narnia, nirvana, no doubt, office space, opus, outland, peter gabriel, philosophy, photography, playwriting, politics, pop culture, power of myth, princess bride, queer as folk, reading, rebel without a cause, red dwarf, robin williams, sci-fi, science/nature, scotland, screenwriting, sex/sexuality, sexual innuendo, shrek, soul, south park, spirituality, star trek, star wars, star-gazing, starblazers, steve martin, suzanne vega, swinging, tea/tearooms, technology, theater, thunderstorms, trainspotting, travel, travel books, travel writing, trivia, u.k., videography, viggo mortensen, vintage porn, walking, wildlife, wolves, wordplay, writing